Why is indispensable to have a local tour guide in the Way of St. James?

When you walk the Camino de Santiago in group or even individually, a local and knowledgeable tour guide is essential for interpreting what you see along the camino, illuminating the history and culture of the pilgrimage road, full of legends, myths, stories and traditions that will enrich your experience.   The role of a Tour Guide along the Way of St. James:

  •  Inform about each of the stages: general advices, difficulty level, time needed to finish the strech,  kilometres/miles to walk every day, places to rest, lunch and picnic areas,….
  •   Explain the history and importance of every monument along the Camino.
  •  Propose alternative routes or shortcuts to visit interesting spots located on the way.
  •  Get and give the pilgrim´s credential when starting the journey and indicate where to obtain the necessary stamps.
  •  Provide safety tips such as how to walk in a difficult terrain, dangerous or risky streches, first aid kit, evacuation plans and procedures if necessary…
  •  Coordinate transportation (pick-up & drop-off points in each stage, transfer to the most remarkable monuments and places…)
  • Help to obtain “la Compostela” and inform about the rites, masses and liturgical acts along the way as well as in the Santiago Cathedral


Let yourself be guided by SECCHI in the Camino

We have been “pilgrims” for 25 years in all the pilgrimage routes to Santiago de Compostela. Our experienced and professional tour guides will make the Camino an unforgettable memory in your life.