Ribeiro Region (winery tours)

In the confluence of the Miño, Avia and Arnoia rivers, is situated the Ribeiro Region, widely known since the Medieval times as one of the main wine-growing territories. Still nowadays is a region of famous wines labelled with the oldest Appelation of Origin (D.O.) within Galicia.

The Ribeiro Region has a wide range of unique and special historic heritage places and landscapes, so that it would be possible to combine a visit to the wineries and vineyards with Celtic remains (Castro de San Cibrao de Las), medieval monasteries (San Clodio or Melon) or the town of Ribadavia, declared to be of Historical and Artistic Interest, which is part of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage called “the Paths of Sepharad”.

DURACION: mínimo 3,30 h desde Ourense. Es necesario transporte. Organizamos su visita a las mejores bodegas de la D.O. con degustación. Los itinerarios de las rutas podrán ser alterados por causas meteorológicas, horarios de apertura a monumentos, eventos especiales o cualquier otra causa ajena a la organización.

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