Quiñones de León Gardens & Soutomaior Castle Gardens

Quiñones de León Gardens and Manor House

The Pazo (manor house) Quiñones de León is situated in a estate of more than 20 hectares whose origins date back to an ancient fortress from the 15th century

The gardens, declared Historic Landmark in 1955, present the typology of the English garden, called “the Tea Meadow” and the French one, inspired by the Descartes´ Rationalism. Between the most outstanding specimens are the box trees, the Tulip tree from Virginia, or the monumental eucalyptus.

Soutomaior Castle Gardens

A castle-fortress of medieval origin, its garden has been named an “International Garden of Excellence”. With its millenarian chestnut trees, its extensive camellia collection, notable Australian Ferns and trees brought from all over the world, a visit is indispensable for all the botanic lovers.

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