Santiago de Compostela half day tour

Santiago de Compostela is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a pilgrim city and its historical center is full of dazzling monuments, most of them in a grand or monumental scale . This walking tour will lead you through an extraordinary ensemble of distinguished monuments grouped around the tomb of St James the Greater, including charming chapels, magnificent monasteries or splendid urban palaces. With its meandering medieval street plan and aging buildings there is the impression of timelessness in Santiago, each stone reflects the history of the city in perfect harmony. This magical city boasts a wealth of more secular architectural treasures such as the different squares that surrounds the impressive Cathedral. The Obradoiro Square with the spectacular baroque main façade of the cathedral, the massive City Hall (Raxoi Palace), the college building of the city´s university (San Xerome College)  or the luxurious state run hotel Parador Reyes Catolicos ; Platerías Square where we´ll see the Chapterhouse from the 18th century, the Horses Fountain and the most antique façade of the cathedral, romanesque in style; Quintana Square with the Grapevine House with interesting granite fruits carved in the façade, the oldest monastery of the city, San Paio de Antealtares, and the Holy Door only opened in Holy Years; finally the Azabachería Square with the second biggest monastery in Spain, San Martín Pinario, the northern façade of the cathedral in a neoclassical style and the famous “azabache” (jet stone) used for jewelry and amulets. Walking through the “Rúas” (picturesque and narrow streets) outlined by the resplendent”Pazos” (urban Manor House) you will marvel at the artistic splendor of glistening granite facades. The medieval vaulted arcades, flagstones and coat of arms are present in the different constructions from the 16th to 18th centuries including the Fonseca Palace, with a beautiful Renaissance courtyard, that was the original seat of the University of Santiago, one of the most ancient in Europe . Santiago´s historical importance and architectural splendor will be the highlight of this tour.

Media Jornada (3,30 horas)

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