Padron’s Gardens

The Padrón Botanical Garden

Since 1946 has been one of the most remarkable botanical Garden in Galicia where it is possible to see interesting examples of art in the garden.

Between its specimens are notable the Senegal Palm Tree, the Christ´s Crown or the Love Tree, the giant Red Wood and a great many specimens, some about 150 years old and many of them included in the Catalogue of Singular Trees of Galicia.

House Museum Rosalía de Castro

In the house “La Matanza” the great Galician poet Rosalía de Castro lived the last years of her life.

Visiting the garden is possible to feel her romantic poetry at the same time that can be seen the flowers that Rosalia loved the most: the camellias, along with some Centenarian trees.

[:en]DURATION: 3,30 h. from Santiago or Pontevedra. Transportation required. Closed on Sunday and Bank Holidays (afternoon) and on Mondays all day General Prices: 2€/pax

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